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Phone: 91-9871076941



Phone: 91-9871076941



Phone: 91-9871076941


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Billing Department:

WITHIN INDIA TRANSFER - HDFC BANK (After Adding EXTRA Manual Processing Charges on your total but in a single unique Bank Transaction (NOT MULTIPLE)

Current Account No.: 03372000004013
Branch: Okhla, Phase-II, Near C.Lal Chowk, New Delhi - 110025, India
IFSC Code is: 
Bank: HDFC Ban

Note: (1) NOTE: Add following amount extra as on your total according to your payment mode in a single unique bank transaction only:
a) Cheque/DD/RTGS (local or any cities in India): Rs. 170/-
b) Cash, Net Banking even from same bank, NEFT (local or any cities in India): Rs. 100/-
c) Wire Transfer (International): Rs. 1200/-
  (2) Any less payment deposit will cause deduction of Manual Processing Charges as mentioned above. There is no refund provision. Partial Payment is not adjustable / considerable / refundable.
  (3) After transferring the funds in the above account, please send an e-mail to  with your Payment Transaction Details, like Transaction ID for Net Banking/NEFT/Cash Deposit, Your Bank Account Holder Name with your bank, Bank Branch etc.



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